Italian Trip 2015 – Getting here

Had a pretty good flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi. Thank goodness for the movies – I watched “Far from the Madding Crowd” and “San Andreas”. The food was OK too but the best thing was we were given exit aisle seats.

Reached Abu Dhabi for a 4 hr layover at what was Sydney time 5 am so what did we do? Looked at the shops and took up seats in a bar & had a red wine and hot chips! We then found the departure lounge and took up residence in the lay out seats but not before admiring the mosaic covered roof. I promptly fell asleep for an hour or so.


Back in the air, we arrived in Rome on time & after a small issue with the hire car, were on our way. We found our way onto the freeway & out of Rome with little problem thanks to google maps. It  was a lovely drive through picturesque countryside then mountains  but after about 3 hours Rod was getting pretty tired & took a wrong turn (following an ambulance). We decided then it was time to stop & have something to eat. We stopped in Amandola (which we’ve nicknamed Armadillo) and had some pasta and vino then it was off to find to the villa.


Villa San Rafaello is owned by an English couple. It’s in a gorgeous setting about 3 km from the town.

View from our apartment
View from our apartment


We settled into our apartment, unpacked the bags then headed in to have a look around. It’s a beautifully restored and preserved town. All the buildings are built from a beautiful light stone and many have window boxes and almost all have flowers outside their doors. We wandered the tiny winding cobblestone streets lapping it all in. I love the way you’ll suddenly come across an opening through the walls and glimpse the most stunning of views.


IMG_1511We had to wait for siesta to be over for the shops to open so spent some time enjoying an afternoon drink & accompaniments. Following this we made our purchases of some prosciutto, salami and cheeses not to mention dirt cheap & very good Italian wine and beer.. then headed back to the villa.

After sorting ourselves out & having a light dinner I lost it at 8 and hit the sack.

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