We decided to start the day with a work out at the gym… ship life is piling the kilos on! It was a good time to go as most people had set off on day excursions to various places such as the Cinque Terre (which we did yesterday) and Milan. Having never been to Genoa before we decided to investigate the city. It was quite a cool morning (in fact it was cold!) & quite overcast.

The tourist day started well when an American couple returning to the ship gave us their Hop On Hop Off bus tickets. They had done the tour in an hour & obviously didn’t get off .. go figure! We were very impressed driving around.. the architecture is very different to other Italian cities we have been to. It is ancient, has a very Moorish feel to it, elegant in parts and dirty/filthy in others. Some of the main sights we saw included the following:



IMG_1903 Piazza de FIMG_1905errari with a VERY blue fountain






IMG_1912 IMG_1913 IMG_4357 IMG_4358

Beautiful arcades – look at the mosaic floors and painted ceilings in via Garibaldi… shopping in style. Unfortunately we were too late for the food markets (they shut at 12) but we enjoyed wandering around them anyway, we were only window shopping anyway.

IMG_1913 IMG_1914 IMG_1925  IMG_4368 IMG_4369Stunning Cathedral San LorenzoIMG_1972[1]








IMG_4353 IMG_4370

The vigili del fuoco in action and Roman Polanski’s ‘Pirates’ ship moored not far from the ‘Emerald Princess’ & I know which one I’d prefer to sale in lol!

So after a very satisfying day including a bar stop and a gelato we were back on board ship in time to set sale for Cannes.



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