At sea & Port Canaverale

Another sleepy morning. We had a day at sea & I had booked in for a massage so after a quick bite to eat enjoyed being indulged for an hour. I then met up with the girls & we grabbed a coffee then enjoyed a day of chatting, dozing , eating, drinking & entertainment. The funniest thing was bingo. After the bingo game, they randomly selected 2 people to be crowned the king & queen of bingo & yes you guessed it they announced Ms Chairman from deck 10 … Heather screams out “how do you spell that” & as they spelt it, all my worst dreams came true as it was me. Let me paint the picture.. I was dressed in my swimmers with my orange pool dress on & had greasy hair from the massage.. very attractive (NOT)😀 & I had to go on stage & be crowned….OMG it was soooo embarrassing & the girls of course thought it was hysterical. Luckily – no photos to show!

We dressed up for the Captain’s evening but were disappointed as it was quite low key – no complimentary champagne or canapes so we went to dinner at the other dining room & again had a really lovely meal.


After dinner we watched a show that was very funny  -“The Newly weds & not so newly weds” where they got 3 couples from the audience. One of the couples had been married for 48 years, one for 10 years & the young couple for 10 mths. They took the women out of the room, asked the men some questions then brought the ladies back & asked them the same questions, then they swapped around. Needless to say the older couple won hands down, but the questions & some of the answers were hysterical. We stayed for the dancing although the music wasn’t great.. then went to the nightclub which was worse for Mary & I although Heather enjoyed it.

When we got back to our cabin we were thrilled to find a towel animal our gorgeous cabin steward Angelo had made for us.. an elephant!


Day in port

First day in port & we docked at Port Canaveral. We had prebooked an excursion to take an airboat on the wetlands & see alligators and then a shuttle to the local village of Cocoa. It ended up being not quite what we expected! The airboat was heaps of fun – they can travel on as little as 2 inches of water. Alas we failed to see an alligator. Apparently the water levels are high at the moment which contributed to the fact that we couldn’t see them. We did try some alligator tail which had been crumbed & fried so it was a bit like chewy KFC! Yes YUK! We also were given a great presentation by  a local animal conservation group & were introduced to a baby Red fox called Ginger, a capuchin monkey called Rosie & Brutus the alligator. .. very cute!

We were then dropped at the Cocoa Village which was a dead as a do-do. They forgot to tell us that the majority of shops shut on Mondays! We had a wander around then grabbed a wine at a pub that had a lovely bar on the roof & a great view of the river. We caught the bus back to the ship at 6 & headed to the back bar/restaurant, watched the sun set (as you do in the northern hemisphere) and enjoyed a casual and low key night.



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