Early stop in Nassau Bahamas

We were to stop today at Great Stirrup Cay in the Cayman Islands but unfortunately weather prevented us from doing so as we were to go ashore via tender (shades of Rod’s & my trip to Cannes last year). It didn’t worry us as the weather allowed us to sit on deck and bake (yes it was hot!). Every now & then we’d get a heavy rain downpour & we’d go & sit in the lounge with of course a cocktail. The ship was re-routed directly to Nassau on Providence Island in the Bahamas & we arrived at 3 pm, a day ahead of schedule. We were allowed to disembark & as it was soooo hot, we headed for the beach. The afternoon was spent in the water which is just beautiful, a bit like a tepid bath! We were a bit guarded by the strangers on the beach but the security was there & it was actually really safe.


Refreshment time & we found the Tiki Bikini Beach Hut where we enjoyed the Bahama’s welcome from the locals. There was a local fellow on the microphone there who asked if Heather was from Austria?!!??!? Nassau is just as I imagined the Bahamas to be, laid back, buildings of different colours with white woodwork & verandahs etc.


IMG_1578IMG_1577The people are lovely & welcoming, the children are gorgeous & the general ambience is great. We started to walk back to the ship & stopped at another bar that had the most hysterical decorations on the ceiling .. they were buoys with bums sticking through them & there were several different signs that just cracked us up. On the back of the chairs were bikini bottoms painted & it looked so funny when people were sitting in them. We then went to the markets but most were closed. We all bought a beach bag each then headed back to the ship to shower & freshen up for dinner. Another GREAT day!


Back at the ship we headed to our favourite bar at the back of the ship & had such a funny night. There were 3 Afro-American (see I’m being politically correct) at the bar & one of them was hysterical.. he was saying the funniest things.. there was also a couple sitting down at a table behind us. Heather had ordered a second round of drinks for her & Mary & the funny guy said to me.. “What happened to your drink?” as the bar tender hadn’t asked what I wanted. I replied “No I’m invisible” and as quick as anything the woman behind us said “That’s cos you’re white”! OMG we laughed & laughed!


After a few drinks we headed down to one of the restaurants and had a great meal.

As I mentioned before we have a lovely cabin steward Angelo. Born in the Philippines he works on the ship to pay for his brother’s education at home. On the first day at sea when I had the greasy hair from the massage, I made a comment that my hair was greasy so that became my nickname… greasy! Then he asked if we had cruised before & Heather said that we had but Mary was a cruise virgin… so her nickname became ‘Virgin’. We had a funny chat with him tonight & the funniest thing he said was when he asked us “What do you call the naked people in Australia?” We all just looked at each other then realised he was talking about the Aborigines! Priceless.


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