Back in New York

We caught a cab from the ship to our accommodation on 49th street –  Radio City Apartments which we were presently surprised with. It is a 2 bedroom apartment. Mary & I had a double bed each & Heather had her own room which was fair enough given that she had the pull out bed in the first hotel and again on the ship. There was a small lounge & kitchenette also so it felt quite spacious after our tiny cabin.

We donned our Nikes & headed off to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. We caught the subway down to Brooklyn, had a wander around & saw the first houses built in the area, Juliana’s famous pizza , the Ice Cream Factory & stopped for a drink at a bar which overlooked the East River & the Brooklyn Bridge. It was again a beautiful day so we were happy to soak up the sun & just watch the people. We loved Brooklyn, walking down the suburban shaded streets. It felt like we had escaped the mayhem of Manhattan for a while.



Walking the bridge itself was fabulous. The structure of it is amazing. About half way over we found the love locks so decided to get one & leave our mark of our unbreakable friendship upon New York and the bridge! We couldn’t throw the keys away as there was traffic below us so we kept the keys to throw away at a later time.

Once down off the bridge I purchased some drawings that I’ll get framed for the office then had a walk around City Hall.

We then headed to Canal Street to see if we could find the knock off label bags. We had to walk around a disagreement between 2 men. One African American was screaming at an Indian shopkeeper saying “Who you call a nigger man? That’s just not right… etc etc”. We then went into a shop selling athletic shoes & were greeted by a woman who worked in the shop screaming at someone “I’m going to f&*^ you up”. We followed through & Heather managed to buy a pair of shoes!

We walked down Canal Street a bit further and started to be approached by many people trying to sell us knock-off bags. Heather latched on to this little Chinese woman who ushered us to follow her. We walked along further & she introduced us to another lady who had the bags & pictures of bags. Heather & I asked to see the actual bags which turned up in no time. Then as we were looking at them, everyone started running & taking off with the bags. It was hysterical. We gathered that the police or someone official must have been on the way & the signal was out to clear the area.

By this stage we were well & truly in Chinatown so we had a wander around then decided to find the subway as were feeling pretty exhausted but then realised we had walked into Little Italy. As it was the weekend they had closed the streets off & there were millions of people cruising the streets, drinking & eating at bars & restaurants & shopping. We found a nice bar/restaurant on a corner, pulled up some seats, enjoyed some wine while we rested & watched the passing parade.

It was then time to head back to the apartment. On the way back we meandered around the Rockefeller Centre then it back to the apartment where we rested for a while then enjoyed a great Japanese dinner.


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