Girls in New York

We had booked ourselves on a bus to take us to the Shopping Outlet Centre in New Jersey so were up early & caught the bus at 9.30 from 9th Ave. It took us 40 mins to get there & we did some pretty major damage at the stores there. It was a great day. Getting back however took us about 2 hours – the traffic was horrendous. We were so tired we got pizza & wine delivered & watched a movie on TV!!

The next morning I took myself off for a long walk as I wanted to walk the ‘High Line’. This is a converted train track in the western part of Manhattan & sits up high – well above street level. The train was originally introduced to assist in the movement of goods when manufacturing really took off. By the 1950’s & 60’s as manufacturing declined, the track was decommissioned & fell into disrepair.


In the 1980’s it was decided to resurrect the line & beautify it by planting gardens. It was a terrific walk. Again it was a beautiful day so I thoroughly enjoyed my walk. Some of the things I saw…

  • a sign that said “construction in progress” which has to be the saying of the day as there is construction EVERYWHERE – cranes after cranes.
  • Some other funny signs


  • A statue made out of recycled car tyres


  • A very large African American woman with fluffy yellow slippers
  • A statue that I originally thought was real!


I then stopped at Chelsea Markets & had a bite to eat.

Realising that I was in the area where they shot the house of Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex in the City” I decided to walk down Bleecker Street, passed the trendy little boutiques and down the treelined streets in West Village to find the infamous brownstone house.


After my walk I met up with the girls back at the apartment as we had booked into the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park for lunch. We all glammed up & caught a cab up there. We certainly weren’t disappointed. We had a table right on the lake, a fantastic waiter & the food was terrific. It was such a beautiful spot, the sun streaming down, a breeze blowing, little turtles in the lake & people relaxing in rowboats.


Of course we overate as you tend to do when the food is so good so we walked a little afterwards through Central Park and came upon the lake where the children sail the little sailboats (think of the Stuart Little movie). We decided then to throw our keys to our padlock in the lake.


Following the path up out of the park we found the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) & had a brief look around before it closed.


As it had been such a big day we had another quiet night back at our apartment.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

We had assigned Tuesday as our shopping day. We hit 5th Avenue first which included the Nike store, Tiffany’s, Saks & Armani. Saks was a bit hoity toity! Heather picked up a bag had a look at it then put it down & the stuck up fellow who worked there came along & moved the bag. Mary was so funny & she called out “Excuse me.. how much is this one?” Surprisingly enough we didn’t buy anything & couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

We did however do some damage at Tiffany’s & I was very happy with my purchases. The necklace I wanted however had to be brought up from their Wall St store so I had to go back on Wednesday to pick it up.

We had a list of things we wanted to get including makeup for the girls so we wandered & shopped all the way down to Macy’s & Victoria’s Secret. Needless to say we were exhausted by the end of it so caught a cab back, stopped at the first bar, had a cocktail then headed for home as by this stage it was about 9pm.

Wednesday was spent with more wanderings & shopping & we had booked back into the Boat House for dinner. Again the food was wonderful although we didn’t have the lovely waiter again!

Wondering how we were going to get back out of the park after dinner in our high heels, we were pleasantly surprised to find a pedi-cab. We climbed in & he dropped us at the edge of the park where we caught a cab back to our apartment.

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