From Safari to the Sea

Our last safari drive and we tried to find the lions but with no luck. It had been a very cold morning & there was a frost on the ground so the lions were “hiding”. In fact it had been so cold we laughed with the other couples when we met in the morning as they had all tried to get dressed in bed as it was so cold! We did however find the giraffe and zebra again. Here are some of the last photos we were able to take before we left (including Rod in the outside shower & a look of the surrounds of our fantastic accommodation)


Back to the lodge for our final meal (sad face) and to pack up. We were then driven back to our car after lots of goodbyes to the lovely people who had looked after us so well then it was a drive back to Port Elizabeth and onto Tsitsikamma National Park.

We stopped at Jeffrey’s Bay to check out the beach & see where Mick Fanning had his close call with the shark. We tipped the fellow minding our car & had a bite to eat (which none of us really needed). We reached the park by 4 and found our little home for the night with no problems.



It is a stunning location with campsites & cabins. Given the time of year there weren’t many people around so it was quite lovely and quiet. We also saw our first Dassies – little marmot like creatures that look like large guinea pigs. They are so cute.

2. Hyrax-Rock-Erongo-Mountains-Namibia-AR-37 1[1]

Having been in the car much of the day we thought a walk was in order. So we set off but the light got the better of us & we had to turn back.


We met our guide and the other two gentlemen who are joining us for the walk at the restaurant on site. Both of the other walkers are from Pretoria and have been life long friends. Ross is a doctor (plastic surgeon.. who we think may have early stages of dementia) and Marcel, a physicist …so I think conversation might be a bit intellectual for us! 

The restaurant had the most beautiful view being situated right on the ocean front, so it was lovely sitting there watching the sun set. The meal wasn’t bad either!


The boys came back to our cabin & we played UNO then crashed for the night.

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