Exploring Cape Town

Last night when we went to the restaurant Rod & I window shopped at an eclectic shop which we wanted to go back & explore so we headed off in the morning with the boys in tow to the Old Biscuit Mill. We had a quick look at the markets (quick because the boys aren’t really into markets), checked out the shop (which looked better in the dark) then headed into town to visit the District 6 Museum. District 6 is an area which was a suburb in the 1950’s but when the Land Distribution Act came in (ie the start of apartheid) people were forcefully removed from their homes & relocated to the townships. It was a fascinating museum & we learnt so much. So heart wrenching. There is land restitution still going on today.

District 6 museum

After the sobering morning we headed into the city central, checked out the markets there & bought some trinkets etc. We then stopped at a sushi restaurant for lunch (as you do in South Africa lol) then joined another free walking tour. This time it was of Bo-Kaap the Cape Malay area of Cape Town. This area is so interesting. It is predominantly Muslim but is slowly being gentrified due to the increasing land values. It is more famously known for its coloured houses. The reason for the colours is because the houses first belonged to the slaves who were never allowed to wear anything of colour. Then when they were indentured and owned their first properties, they showed their independence by painting their houses the vivid colours we see now. We were taken to a café where we bought some amazing samosa and told about some of the awesome Cape-Malay food you can buy here… noted for return visits!



We popped into ‘Pick N Pay’ & purchased some take home food then headed ‘home’. We enjoyed some quiet time & watched “Hunger Games”.


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