Finally Table Mountain

We had been watching the weather like hawks from the time we arrived and today was to be the clearest day & perfect to see Table Mountain. We had decided not to hike it for safety reasons so I looked online in the morning to buy our tickets only to find it was closed due to strong winds (arrrggghhhh). Feeling very frustrated, I decided to cheer everyone up with a helicopter ride over the peninsula.

I called the company & booked our seats & we took off to the helipad situated down at the V&A Waterfront. We had to weigh ourselves for the flight & were horrified by how much we had put on in such a short time. Obviously the lack of walking (despite the two days of hiking) have not helped!

The flight was incredible. All of us were on the same helicopter but unfortunately Andrew didn’t see much as he was behind the pilot and his view was limited almost the whole way. I got to sit in the front which was incredible.

We flew south over the city & followed the route we had taken yesterday so it was terrific seeing it all from the air.


Afterwards while we were having a drink a the waterfront, I checked the Table Mountain website and the cable car was open so off we went! Hallelujah!

There wasn’t too long a wait to get on the cable car & we enjoyed our second rotating cable car (the first was in Engelberg Switzerland). The views from the top were spectacular. We wandered the longer trail loop & took lots of pics then stopped & had a drink at the café whilst we absorbed the views.


By the time we finished up & got back down & took a scenic drive up to Lion’s Head it was time to get back to the apartment & pack up as our last day is tomorrow. We all fly back to Jo’burg then the boys are on their flight back to Oz at 9pm. So goodbye to Cape Town.. it is a beautiful city if you can look past the racism and poverty that exists on such a huge scale. But definitely would be happy to return.



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