After another hearty breakfast it was time to depart our desert camp (we were 40 km from the Algerian border) & meet up with our driver Bousmae. We drove through the Draa Valley and it’s beautiful palm groves (date palms) back towards Zagora. The Draa Valley runs southeast & was formed & is fed from the water running off the High Atlas Mountains. The lovely green of the palm leaves is a striking contrast to the barren rocky surrounds.

As we were driving along we noted the wells the nomads use to water their animals. There are still many nomads in Morocco and we have seen quite a few of them out in this more remote part of the countryside.

We stopped in Tamegroute where we had a visit to an ancient library. Some of the texts were hundreds of years old & beautifully illustrated. Abdellah then took us through the residential area of the town which exists inside the red clay walls we see from the road. It was then onto an ancient ceramics “factory” where we witnessed the making and baking of the beautiful green pottery that this part of the world is known for.. & yes I talked Rod into buying some more dishes. Now I’m wondering how we are going to get them home in one piece!

The kilns can be seen here in the wall..those that are ready are bricked up

After our lunch stop we were able to check into our hotel. Dar Limane ..a lovely riad situated in the middle of the palm groves. After a relaxing drink we went for a wander among the groves.

Date palms & roadway near our riad

Interesting artwork at our riad

On the return to our riad we congregated around the bar on some lounges which was where we stayed for the evening enjoying our dinner al fresco.

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